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The Public Interest Transportation Forum (PITF) is an Independent E-zine on Public Transportation and Mobility Issues in the Seattle Puget Sound Region. PITF has been on-line since 1996!

This site covers numerous subjects including Seattle’s Sound Transit Board’s recent placing of a 15-year mass transit construction plan and associated 1/2 cent sales tax increase on the November 4, 2008 general election ballot. This plan would raise an estimated $17.8 Billion of which more than 70% would be used for rail transit to serve a very small percentage of the passenger miles traveled while already congested roadways, used by the vast majority of all transit and private vehicle travelers will become more congested.

As the record shows, Seattle Transit is well behind in its previous 10 year plan and costs are much higher. Their first 20 mile light rail is in construction and is the most expensive light rail ever built in the US at som $180 million per mile. Total transit ridership is a fraction of that committed in their 10 year plan. Yet, the Sound Transit Board has ignored pleas to finish the current light rail and operate it for a while before committing to another rail election.

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