Austin planning ignores vast majority of citizens

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Two Austin writers who often contribute to the Austin-American Statesman editorial pages have written recent articles which are brilliant and very insightful regarding the failures in Austin planning of land use and transportation. They have done an excellent job of describing the essence of these issues without getting bogged down in the enormous and confusing complexity of a more detailed and technical discussion. These articles highlight the current plans will not result in effective solutions and do not have a foundation of citizens’ support. In our free society in Central Texas and throughout the nation, the vast majority of people do not accept the perceptions and ideologies of a few planners and people who believe they know how we should all live, better than we do, and are dedicated to coercive means to force people to accept their vision.

The freedom of individuals to make decisions as to their best interest has led the United States to have the highest standard of living for its citizens of any country in the world. In fact, Austin land use and transportation plans, driven by a small minority of its citizens, would increase costs and taxes, increase congestion, increase pollution, increase safety hazards, setback social equity/justice, reduce the beauty of downtown Austin and lower the quality of life for citizens.

The first article, web site address below, is by Ed Wendler Jr. who has been an often “Local contributor” to the Statesman editorial pages with focus on the implications of land use and development regulation, and transportation planning.

The second article is by Ashley Sanchez, a “Regular contributor” to the Statesman editorial page, who covers a wide range of community subjects. This one addresses the impact on citizens of Austin’s planning for the pursuit of “luxury public projects” which are contrary to people’s needs and desires.

Ed Wendler Article:

Ashley Sanchez Article:

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