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Los Angeles: Highest Density, Best Transport System

Los Angeles is perceived as the ultimate sprawling urban area and its transportation system is roundly condemned by many urban and transport planners.

In fact, these perceptions could not be more wrong. Los Angeles is the highest density large urban area in the United States and thus, based upon its population, sprawls the least.

Perhaps even more surprisingly, Los Angeles has the best transportation system of any of the world’s 21 megacities (urban agglomerations over 10 million). It is not that L.A. has more trains… it does not. It is rather that the transportation system in L.A. — freeways, arterial streets and cars — serves its people better than any system among the other 20 megacities. This is demonstrated by the fact that the average work trip travel time in Los Angeles is the shortest, by a substantial margin, of any megacity.

The Los Angeles rental car tour rounds out the megacity series… It is the 21st in a series of 21 (there will be revisions and there will be additions of smaller urban areas).

This rental car tour contains a personal postscript on the birth of the modern Los Angeles rail system, detailing the politics the unfolded in just a few hours in August 1980, without which construction of Los Angeles rail lines would not have begun for a number of years.

Wendell Cox
Demographia | Wendell Cox Consultancy – St. Louis Missouri-Illinois metropolitan region

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