– This website created by Wendell Cox focuses on demographics, principally on urban policy. In recent years, Demographia publishes metropolitan population and domestic migration data based on the census reports. Demographia contains the only comprehensive list of urban areas in the world over 500,000 population with population, land area and density estimates. Demographia has been selected by’ Study Sphere ( as one of’ the best educational resources on the Internet, along with the national census agencies of Canada, the United States, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Bulgaria and the Philippines. – A website created by Wendell Cox: focuses on transportation and other public policy issues. The Public Purpose has been honored twice by The National Journal as one of the top transportation Web sites in the nation. In 2001, The National Journal honored The Public Purpose, along with the United States Department of Transportation, the United States Department of Transportation Inspector General and the Surface Transportation Policy Project. In 2003, The National Journal again honored The Public Purpose.

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